Gabrielle is a writer and editor for magazines, newspapers, consulting firms, environmental organizations, letters, years-long email threads, post-it notes, etc. Currently, I live in Bonn, Germany, serving as editor-in-chief of Landscape News, the news outlet of the world’s largest science-based platform on sustainable land use, the Global Landscapes Forum. With more than 21,000 monthly readers, Landscape News covers the latest research and stories on global environmental, development and social issues.

I have previously been based in Manhattan and Jakarta. Previous work experience includes serving as deputy editor of DestinAsian, an award-winning luxury travel magazine in Southeast Asia; editor, report writer, and consultant for Vriens & Partners, a Jakarta-based government affairs advisory firm; researcher at New York; editorial assistant at Travel + Leisure; and, throughout, freelance writer and editor. Politics, travel, social issues, food, climate change, art, profiles, opinion pieces, and critical reviews all fall within my realm of experience and interest. Personal website design does not.

Habitual endeavors include writing a fiction novel, running, reading magazines from cover to cover, making ice cream, and trying to live and love as well as one can.

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